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Movie Requests

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Just wanted to check in to see if there are any Movie or TV Shows that you would like me to review. Any requests you have I’ll do my best to watch and review. Thank you and God Bless.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (2018) PG-13

Image copyright of Tremolo Productions and Focus Features

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is a documentary about Fred Rogers and his show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. There are behind the scenes footage and interviews with Fred Rogers, his family, and people who worked with him on the show.

Having grown up watching his show it’s very interesting and informative to see how it began and to be able to see what happened behind the camera. I also loved learning how much Fred Rogers cared about people, no matter who they where, and it inspires me to change my outlook on life and how I treat everyone around me.

This documentary is rated PG-13. Now knowing who this is about and the show he had I at first thought that is must be a soft rating so we let my 9 year old watch it with us. He had seen all the Star Wars films and the original Jurassic Park trilogy and is fine watching them so we thought there would be nothing wrong with him watching this. At first it seemed as though it only got this rating because of a picture shown of a naked butt, but after we were done watching it my son starting crying and wasn’t sure why. We realized that the emotions that are portrayed, especially toward the end, are probably the main reason why it got it’s rating. It’s about real life and real people so you know those emotions are real. I do highly recommend watching this film, especially if you grew up watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, but I would use caution if you are having your kids under 13 watching it only because of the emotions that are portrayed. Also, being that this is about real people, if you get emotional easily and don’t want to watch a crier then maybe use caution when watching this. Other then that it’s definitely a must see. God Bless.

Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018) PG

Image copyright of Disney Studios

In this sequel to Wreck It Ralph we see Ralph and Vanellope head to the Internet to try to get a part to fix Vanellope’s game “Sugar Rush”. While there, their friendship is put to the test.

Ralph Breaks The Internet is as charming and the first film, Wreck-It Ralph. Along with seeing our beloved characters return we also get the chance to see icons we know from the internet along with several favorite Disney characters. There are some parts that slow down the film a bit but they are just a few and the action scenes and Vanellope’s musical number make up for it. Though the film is PG, there are a few spots throughout the movie that may be a little scary for the younger ones in preschool. In this film they teach the kids that true friendship knows when to let go, they don’t always need to do the same things together.

I recommend this film for all, it’s a film that the kids will enjoy and will also entertain the adults. God Bless.

Aladdin (2019) PG

Image copyright of Disney Studios

Disney brings to life the story of Aladdin in a live action remake of their animation film. In this story a street rat named Aladdin finds a lamp with a Genie inside. With the help of Genie his life is completely changed, for better or worse.

The live action film of Aladdin follows in line with the animation version minus a few changes here and there. The original songs are there, though they have been changed up a little bit. If you are looking for Will Smith to sing “Friend Like Me” and “Prince Ali” the exact same way as Robin Williams did, voices and all, then you will be greatly disappointed. Will Smith brings his own charm to each song, with styles along the line of his original songs. This makes them just as enjoyable as the original versions as I caught myself tapping and dancing along with the characters on the screen. Along with some changes to the original songs there is a new song called “Speechless”, sung by Naomi Scott who plays Princess Jasmine, which has a powerful lesson to it.

Playing the role of Aladdin Mena Massoud draws you into the story and his acting skills help you to feel what Aladdin is feeling whether it’s sad, uncomfortable, or happy. His best scenes are the ones that are more on the original side then the ones in which he is reenacting his cartoon counterpart. His scenes with the Genie, Will Smith, are also done well as they both draw you into the emotions that they are feeling.

Aladdin is a wonderful energetic film that your kids will love and get into with the music and suspense. It also will teach the lesson that no matter what it’s best to be yourself and not pretend to be someone you’re not. They will also learn that everyone has a right to voice what they feel and that no one should just be “seen but not heard”. There is just one part toward the end with Jafar that may be a little scary for the preschoolers, but it only lasts a couple minutes.

I recommend seeing Aladdin for all families and also for anyone who enjoyed Disney’s cartoon version. God Bless.

Avengers: Endgame (2019) PG-13

Image copyright of Marvel Studios and Disney Studios

(Spoiler Free)

After what happened at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Iron Man and Nebula are stuck together trying to make it back to Earth. Meanwhile on Earth the Avengers who survived Thanos’ snap gather together to come up with a plan to stop Thanos and reverse the destruction he created.

If your looking for non-stop action like what was in Avengers: Infinity War then you’ll be greatly disappointed. There are some activities scenes but the hardcore intense battle is not until the end. What you will get is our heroes grieving over their lost love ones along with several bits of comedy. Avengers: Endgame does very well with wrapping up the Infinity Saga paying homage to the several pervious films. There are again some violent scenes, one where you can see some blood after an injury. There is also again some swear words being used throughout the film, along with the Lord’s Name being used in vain. If you have children and they were ok with watching Infinity War then they should be ok with Endgame. Overall I recommend watching this film if you have loved watching any of the other Marvel films.

God Bless.

Avengers: Infinity War(2018) PG-13

Image copyright of Marvel Studios and Disney Studios

(Spoiler Free)

The evil Thanos is on a quest to collect all six Infinity Stones with the intent to create the universe according to his wicked plan. In order to stop him Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the other Avengers, with the help of The Guardians Of The Galaxy and Doctor Strange, join forces to fight him at each location where the stones are. In their most epic battle yet the Avengers are tested at every turn. The previous Marvel movies all lead up to this ultimate battle for the Avengers.

Avengers: Infinity War is as close to a non-stop action film as they come. The “slow” parts are few and far between just giving you a little break from intense battles and fighting scenes. This doesn’t mean that it’s a big jumbled mess and has no plot. All the action scenes keep you on the edge of your seat cheering for the Avengers. The actors all did great job as well portraying their emotions that you would feel those emotions right along with them, bringing you into the middle of the story.

Avengers: Infinity War is rated PG-13 and though most of the fighting is not too violent, border line PG/ PG-13, there are two parts that I did have to fast forward for my son. They are a scene where Thanos tortures Nebula and then the beginning of the final battle on Earth where Thanos sends some demon looking creatures after our heroes. My son is 9 years old and after I saw this film in the theater I watched it with him at home. He has seen all the Star Wars films along with seeing a few Marvel movies and watching the first three Jurassic Park movies over and over. He knows that these films are not real, does not get scared by them, and is mature enough to not reenact the violence when playing. The first half didn’t have any swear words but I did notice a few during the second half, they even use the Lord’s Name in vain a time or two. If you don’t like a lot of intense fighting or seeing lots of violence then you may want to skip this installment in the Marvel franchise. Parents, if your kids are under 13 but like action or Super Hero films I would recommend watching this film first and then decide based on what your child can or cannot handle.

God Bless.