Garlicky Herb Corn on the Cob


Corn on the Cob

Leaf Cuisine Garlicky Herb Spread



Boil the corn in water until the corn is tender and brightly colored. Remove from water and strain. Salt to your taste and then slather on a generous amount of the Garlicky Herb Spread onto the corn, Enjoy!

While I am not sure this constitutes as a real recipe, this is sure hitting the spot today. I have to say I drove almost close to an hour to try out Kite Hills version of Cashew Cheese (I usually just make my own.) I wanted to see why all the bloggers I follow are so obsessed with its flavor and not just whip some up at home?

To say I was a little disappointed when I arrive at Whole Foods to find the price was $9.99 for a small container of the cashew cheese is a big understatement. I was bummed at the price, not only for myself, but for all the people who are dairy free and the kids…what about the kids…I digress. I looked over to the right and found a much cheaper version of the flavor I was hoping to try with Kite Hill and its the Garlicky Herb from Leaf Cuisine. Certainly, not my first choice and the price still a bit higher than I would have liked to spend on a treat, but a great replacement for my dashed hopes and dreams. Not in good conscious will I support a company that charges that much for a product I can make at home. I will continue to happily make my own cashew cheese and experiment with textures and flavors.

I hope you enjoy this little side dish. My boys and I enjoyed it as an easy lunch. We are heading out of town soon and trying to clean up the produce that will expire before we return.

Many blessings,



Red Pepper Bake

Red Pepper Bake

ingredients: (serves 4)

2 organic Red Peppers (julienne)

1 Jar of gluten free organic spaghetti sauce

1lb of ground organic chicken (some contain rosemary-which is fine, still tastes great!)

2 cups of cooked organic rice (We love Jasmine)


Brown your meat until cooked through. Add in the the julienne red peppers. Add in the spaghetti sauce, and the 2 cups of cooked rice. Bring to a boil, put cover on the pan (we use stainless steel,) and reduce heat to simmer. Once the peppers are soft, the dish is ready!

Serve warm with a sprinkle of Salt and Pepper to taste.

This recipe is a staple in our home for many years. We have tried several variations by switching the protein out for quinoa, beef, or turkey. (Chicken seems to be the winner for now.) Changing up the spaghetti sauce, changes the flavor too. You may also use a variation of peppers to your liking.

This recipe is clean, gluten free, dairy free, fool proof, quick, and easy to feed a crowd with too if you double up the ingredients.

I hope you enjoy! (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!)